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Understand your anonymous users from the start.

Understanding individual users is hard

Understanding individual users is hard. Think of a random organic visitor to your site and ask yourself – do you really know who they are? What they want? Do they want to buy? Do they respond to a hard sell or a soft sell? You just don’t know. This problem costs tech enabled businesses billions of dollars in lost conversions per year.

Right now businesses design landing pages around sweeping user assumptions and a vague hope of converting a visitor. We send emails to segments of users sliced up using low resolution data which we hope will appeal to them based on small samples of interactions. The bounds of our knowledge about a user and how we can best serve them ends when they browse away from the site or hit the home button in an app. generates anonymous, deep interest graphs of visitors to content sites. Businesses pay to subscribe for updates on user profiles. We match users across sites, paying content sites for visits which provide the data our clients want. Within a single visit – we can tell if they’re male or female. By their third visit – we’ve built an interest graph which maps their . And every time we see them – we learn, adjust and update our clients.